More Gourds

These posts seem to be coming in succession, due to my sudden increase in free timings. And thanks to Hyderabad power supply ( touchwood, no powercut since two days).

During summer, after the repairs and destruction of garden few hardy plants were doing well. One of them was the bottle gourd. It had a good shaded area , with morning sun and evening shade. Therefore I was pleased to see these

With neighbors appreciating my gardening skills, from such fine examples on the top of the house, I was very happy. I let it grow some more and one fine day I brought them to the kitchen.

I was watching closely for further fruits, and searched the plant daily. The flowers were withering away , and the heat increased. Gradually the plant died.

As if I will give up so easily on the Gourds. I have planted some more,in April/May, and now many are swaying in the wind, with nice white flowers. Out of which one did fruit and the villain had attacked it ( Mentioned in the earlier post). More are on the way, and I am going to wrap them.

By the way I found the villain of the vegetables today. This morning when I visited the terrace , I saw a big monkey strolling around. I was aghast. We didn’t really have this problem before. So this fellow had come today for his breakfast to my terrace and jumped over the all my neighbours’ too. Hope he wont come anymore.


About gardenerat60

As you guessed, I am a retired executive, looking for hobbies. Stumbled into gardening after reading blogs. Always wanted to use eco-friendly items in daily life. So, there was no heistation in deciding to put the vast terrace balcony to use for organic garden.
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2 Responses to More Gourds

  1. uppal says:

    Read your post about growing bottle gourd.One thing i want to caution you about is: it is a very delicate plant and doesn’t like humans hovering around it. Leave it alone for a few days, and then one day voila!!! you ‘d find a healthy couple of them.At least this is my experience.

    • gardenerat60 says:

      Thanks, That could be true. Moreover, the flowers need pollination,which will be night,early morning. Our beehive keeps a good supply of bees around evenings and mornings, So far so good. But many young ones shrivel up. I have adopted a wait and watch policy now.

      Please keep offering your suggestions.

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