Vegetables – wounded

It started like this

After the disastrous Terrace repairs , all my plants were with cement and debris. I gave up on garden for some weeks. But how to keep away from plants, once you taste the pleasure of growing them?.
So it all started allover.

I have to hear a number of cautionary notes,” Dont keep too much weight”, “Be careful,don’t let the water stagnate” from dear hubby, every time I head towards the terrace. With the thick hide one develops while gardening , I keep ticking in my mind , the probable disasters that could occur.

Anyway the plants started growing; then came the Summer (great hyd heat). And they started wilting. So we tried to fix the green screen cover, after much effort with a local vendor who was out to make a fast buck from me. It was a pathetic job done by an inexperienced hand. The screen would waver in sudden gust of wind and oscillate dangerously on my plants. Every morning and evening I had to provide props and supports with what I could find. My big compost baskets were used as tent pitchers. It was hilarious, the screen was pitched like a camel tent, and swayed in south west or northeast direction. I could have been a weather person during those days predicting the wind. Anyway, the summer got over soon this time with a little bit of nice showers, unusual for Hyderabad. and I yanked the tent off gladly. Now it is lying in unmanageable heap, waiting the second summer(sept-oct) of hyd.

Then came the wonderful showers and my enthu as usual was back. The plant grew to be this:

Hey my first ridge gourd. I was tenderly touching it every day, and it grew. Alas, yesterday when I had plans of a nice vegetable dish swimming in my head, I saw that it was broken in the second half, and the piece was lying on the ground.

I am shocked, I wonder who was the villian who would do that to my tender vegetable. I picked it up and tried to salvage it. But I still can’t make out who it could be. Is it the bats? In the day time?. They devour the sitaphal and the sapotas in the nights. The parrots and bulbuls eat the fruits but the vegetable.., would a parrot eat the vegetable?.

I don’t know. It is a mystery.

One clue was, a similar thing happened few days before, when my first Kaddu(bottle gourd) was attacked in the young. Similar marks were there and the vegetable was broken two thirds down. The remains were scattered on the floor.

More questions, was it the cats who are angry that we no longer feed them and house them. They are also cross with us, due to our big dog Tiger who is at their tail all the time.

But I still do not know who the actual thief is .Meanwhile I am careful now. I am trying to protect this:

Surprise, My first ever snake gourd. To be on the safe side,I had covered it well and it grew. But, sadly, I had to cut it yesterday and cook with the remains of the ridge gourd. Needless to say, the dish was extra divine.


About gardenerat60

As you guessed, I am a retired executive, looking for hobbies. Stumbled into gardening after reading blogs. Always wanted to use eco-friendly items in daily life. So, there was no heistation in deciding to put the vast terrace balcony to use for organic garden.
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