My new plants

I had written in an earlier post about Rajsmusings blog. That blog was a big inspiration, initially to start a Terrace garden. The blog is full of useful tips to beginners. There on, we start making our own mistakes ,and learn the ropes slowly.

The last post he wrote was about the betel leaves vines in Orissa. Pretty vines growing tall in those farms!…
I am very fond of good betal leaf , now that I am a gardener of sorts, I ventured into getting one plant and place in on the terrace. While I looked for plants high and dry, one fine day, the Public Garden ( where else in our dear Hyderabad), staff brought me on grudgingly, (if they don’t smirk, my plants do not survive, good omen!), saying ” this is is a weak one,and a Calcutta Paan plant”. Oh my.. I simply grabbed it and brought it home safely. Cherished it, nurtured it, for a looong time to get it to a healthy creeper.

I have of tasted it, esp. during my lengthy coughing sickness last month. It tastes good , with right amount of Ghaat(pungency). Hey…

One more pet ambition dream was growing Papayas. Three decades back, when we built the house, the papaya plants were growing for the asking ,and the joy of eating fresh Papaya was much appreciated. We did not continue , due to lack of space.

On my visit to Bangalore, I would keenly ask about those magic seeds which will grow into Papaya trees. Generally, people would have grown Papaya simply by throwing those used seeds in the yard. I wanted to experiment on the Terrace. The Indo-American seed shop even discouraged me, saying those seeds will not come out good etc.etc. However, another shop , in the same area, ( don’t remember where..) sold some packet of seeds, saying they are from Korea, and I should try them out.

I read a lot about those plants. I kept my fingers crossed when I started the seeds. They did not germinate, I was also throwing home grown Papaya seeds from the fruits at random. Once the rainy season hit, I gave up,

After a couple of weeks, to my surprise I saw many plants growing in different pots, asking for nutrition. The next challenge, where to re-pot so many? I fell back on my dear left over Amrit mitti , and put them in big plastic baskets and prayed that they should survive.

Now I have 6 plants coming up, and three more waiting to be potted into big baskets.

My next anxiety is the gender of the plants. I need atleast one male plant to pollinate the flowers. I am keeping my fingers crossed for the flowering to show up. Meanwhile , feeding the plants well is the next task. Dear Hubby is not convinced yet. ( Usme fruit aata kya?). Only time and good luck can answer that .

I am positive it will produce flowers and eventually fruits. ( Korean or Indian ). Hoping for the best..

About gardenerat60

As you guessed, I am a retired executive, looking for hobbies. Stumbled into gardening after reading blogs. Always wanted to use eco-friendly items in daily life. So, there was no heistation in deciding to put the vast terrace balcony to use for organic garden.
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17 Responses to My new plants

  1. uppal says:

    Hi Pattu,Read your post just now. I’m amazed at your patience and dedication. I’m sure you’ll finally succeed in growing Papayas. It’s one of my favourite fruits and has many health benefits.I can tell from experience that growing them is always a challenge. Best Wishes and good luck.

  2. Your young papaya plants look great – I am sure with time they will start budding. As for the betel leaf vine, I think apart from being useful it actually looks quite pretty.

  3. damodar says:

    I congratulate you for your success in growing pappaya
    definately you will get good fruit yeild

  4. Pratima says:

    Your Paan plant is looking lush and so are the Papaya plants! Your hard work is paying off… I hope soon there are lots of beautiful papayas for you to enjoy 🙂

    • Pattu says:

      Welcome to my blog Pratima! Thanks for your kind words. I am enjoying the Paan already. Papaya is for hubby. :-). He loves to eat that.

  5. I’m going to look for a pan creeper too, after seeing your lush green one.

    • gardenerat60 says:

      I am very fond of Paan, much to the discomfort of my dentists nephew/wife.:-)
      You won’t believe, but when I see the creeper every morning,I feel positive.

  6. Hi friend…
    Thanks for dropping by my blog. You have such a pretty garden and growing such wonderful things. The purslane you asked about, grows wild in my garden and you can also grow it if you get some stem cuttings of the bigger variety too. The thinner ones also grows if you throw some of the stems in wet soil anywhere.
    Regarding the papaya trees, a female or even a male plant can be made to bear fruit if you nail a piece of wooden splinter (about.5-1 cm thick and 2-3 inches long) at the base of it’s stem…it does something to the hormonal system of the plant. Protecting the plant from viral contamination is a problem in my garden….lots of butterflies here propagate viruses easily.

    • gardenerat60 says:

      Welcome Sangeeta. Thanks for the tip on Papaya. I will do the needful soon. I have planted from different seed varieties, and expect male and female, but one can’t say. I have been warned that there may be problems while growing them. So far, the leaves are growing well, but the leaves in the undergrowth are dropping off!

  7. Satya Prakash says:

    Pattu garu your dedication and care for the plants is motherly. the beetle leaf and popaya plants are looking green. i have beetle leaf plant growing in pots. i am not listening to their cry for change. i will surly. i had a popaya plant was cut off during repair works. i may need your help to grow popaya ,guva, lemon on my terrace. wanting to visit your terrace!

  8. Shabi Mohan says:

    Congrats and big clap for your effort

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