Experiment with making Panchagavya

So much is known about Panchagavya, whatever I write will be old news. new.The experience of making Panchagavya, on the Terrace , is something else.!!!

I I took encouragement when I read GeekGardener, Raj Panda, Sai Kiran were advocating the use of Panchagavya,. Luckily, my domestic help lived in an area where there was a lone cow and an old man selling the products. She readily agreed for this experiment and I went ahead collecting the items. Unfortunately, when I made it for the first time, some unseasonal rains had played spoil sport, and the solution was producing some fungus like substance. It had to be thrown out, but where? The family was also upset about the odour it was giving out, and I had to cajole my helper to dispose it off.

Once again, we both started the process , and it was easy in the first step. But one had to collect the items like

(Courtesy Google)

Off I went to the market and stood in front of the Sugarcane juice guy with a big bottle. He was asking why I needed 20 glasses of the juice (without lemon and ice). The coconut guy was readily having a nice funnel to pack tender coconut water. Meanwhile he auto driver who ferried me around to various places was finding the entire thing a little funny, what with me asking for over ripe bananas and black jaggery.( I did not find). After collection of cow dung and urine , the problems of weighing them cropped up. aer much calculations, I went ahead with somewhat approximate assessments.

We mixed every item with due care, I had to upset the helper many times, with frequent questions on mixing the concoction as directed. Once it was ready we were very happy to see that the smell has considerably reduced,. The family was kept in the dark about this adventure, as they were very averse to cow’s products lounging in the sun.

I used the Panchagvya carefully, but found it of poorer quality compared to what I purchased from Saikiran (Bangalore.)

However, the plants were kind to my concoction, and it further encouraged me to prepare some more. Now I am on the third such preparation, finding it to be an easy job!!! I have been posting the pictures of my plants and their yield often, needless to say, that Panchagavya helped in containing diseases, and improving flowering.
Here’s the latest set of beans that started showing up this morning.

But all good things must come to an end. My domestic help, has announced that the cow has disappeared and no more dung and other products!
I am on the search for a new source, in our area, please let me know , if you find one 

About gardenerat60

As you guessed, I am a retired executive, looking for hobbies. Stumbled into gardening after reading blogs. Always wanted to use eco-friendly items in daily life. So, there was no heistation in deciding to put the vast terrace balcony to use for organic garden.
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24 Responses to Experiment with making Panchagavya

  1. Asha Ram says:

    Hi Pattu, I have nominated your blog to the Liebster Blog award. (Check my blog site.) 🙂

  2. uppal says:

    Hello Pattu,
    I am amazed at your zeal and sincerity with which you keep on experimenting with new products and then going the whole hog to procure the stuff and then making the special concoction yourself. Kudos to your perseverance!! Go for the procedures of the competition. Wish you win! :)))
    Pattu I’m missing you on the blog. Thanks for liking the stuff.

    • gardenerat60 says:

      When I like something, I like to give it a try, then I stop being fascinated and drop it. My big failure is the lack of consistency. Even at this age, I have to fight it:-)

  3. NixPages says:

    How interesting! I had never heard of Panchagvya before, but I googled it and learnt more about it.

  4. Kajal says:

    never heard of this.. need to do some googling..what do you use it for?

    glad to have found you at Indiblogger. Your newest follower and a regular visitor now.

    • gardenerat60 says:

      Welcome Kajal,
      It is used for spraying to add nutrients, and also keep pests and diseases at bay. This year I found it effective on most plants.

  5. SARITHA.O.T says:

    i am sarita …living in hyderabad…i did some terrace gardening and not doing for time being..i amso happy to find someone from hyd doing terrace gardening….i willbe a regular visitor for sure…and geek gardener is my inspiration toooo

    • gardenerat60 says:

      Welcome Saritha, it is lovely to contact Terrace gardeners from Hyderabad. Yes, Geek Gardener’s blog offers many solutions to our day to day problems.

  6. RajDG says:

    Hi Pattu,
    What a relief…I have been digging myself into google to find one gardening blog from a person who is based out Hyderabad..thanks to all that search,I finally found you….I’m currently on a break from work and a beginner in gardening .I didnt have an agenda when I started this but now I want to make this a little organised..firstly some questions to you:
    1.Most local nurseries in Hyderabad dont even know the name of the plants they sell(I live in Banjara Hills)…I wanted a place that had people who could tell me the needs and requirements of a plant when I buy it from them…so where do you get your plant saplings/seeds from?I see a mention of Public Gardens,Nampally?
    2.Panchagavya-where can I buy this in Hyderabad..can this be bought online from anyone?

    Appreciate if u can help answer these for me…

    • gardenerat60 says:

      Hi Raj,

      Welcome here! And to Hyderabad gardening tryst. Sometimes it is tiring to buy stuff in Hyderabad, one feels, better to dash to Bangalore or Chennai and get all!
      I saw that you are really interested in growing plants , veggies and all, and I am happy. BTW did you read through my Guru Geekgardener’s weblog?( Ekalvya style Guru:-).

      If you wan to do Organic/simple hydroponics, he and his comments section offers a lot. Then Hyderguda/Assembly-Public Garden, offer some saplings of veggies and flowers. And there is a seed at http://annadana-seed.weebly.com/index.html. And our very own CSA at Tarnaka offers seeds too. (Intipanta group).

      There are very few people who re into real organic gardening , that I know. There is one lady in Malkajgiri,Secunderabad- who is an avid Organic gardener.

      I try to pretend that I do Organic Terrace Gardening. In case you would like any tips on that , youa re welcome here. What little I know, I can share.

      There is another Cityfarmers- Yahoo group based in Mumbai.

      Happy Gardening.

      • RajDG says:

        Hi Pattu,
        Yes..I have read GG’s blog and have mailed him too over a few things 🙂 🙂 …Thanks for all the Info Pattu,it really helped..I was there for the Mango Mela in Nampally and there was a stall put up by the A.P Horticulture Society.one look at the vegetable garden and I was totally petrified.I instead chose to purchase a few flowering seeds and organic nutrient packs from another stall nearby…That was so cowardly!!…Anyways…Pls tell me in your experience what is the first vegetable to start with(seeds or saplings) for an amateur like me.Also,since its summer now in Hyd is there anything that can be started this season…..

      • sachin says:

        Dear Madam,
        I am Sachin master degree in Horticulture.
        Can you give contact number of city farmers in Mumbai
        Sachin Palkar

      • gardenerat60 says:

        Please see yahoo groups and go through their group site. I hope it helps.

  7. Pattu says:

    Hi Raj, Good progress. GG has given a list of monthly sowing calendar somewhere in his forum. Of course it is for Bangalore. But now a days hyd-BGL do have almost similar weather.

    I have started with tomatoes and Brinjal and they are easy and grows very well here. The saplings are from Public Garden. They do know what to start and when. Getting it from there helps, since they start the right veggies for the right season. Only problem is , the veggie gardeners there, take long lunch breaks, So better to go in the morning before 12.30 🙂

  8. Murthy says:

    hi, can you give the ratios for the preparation of the Panchgavya mix. I have all ingredients at a hand’s distance.

  9. Vijetha says:


    I have been reading about Panchagavya a lot and read the benefits on your blog as well as Geekgardener’s blog. I have recently shifted to hyderabad and started growing vegetables on my terrace. Can you please help me to source Panchagavya as I am not in a position to source the ingredients and prepare it myself. I will be really grateful for your help 🙂
    And your blog is really very inspiring for starters like me!

  10. Mrs Suchetha Rajmohan says:

    Hai,I am Mrs Rajmohan,i prepare panchagavya-add leaf extracts of neem,lantana,datura and leucas with the normal ingredients to make panchgavya.pl contact-suchetharajmohan@yahoo.com.phone -09940656276

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