Abloom in Brooklyn, NY

Abloom in Brooklyn, NY.

I know, I do this often. But can’t resist these lovely flowers.

About gardenerat60

As you guessed, I am a retired executive, looking for hobbies. Stumbled into gardening after reading blogs. Always wanted to use eco-friendly items in daily life. So, there was no heistation in deciding to put the vast terrace balcony to use for organic garden.
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5 Responses to Abloom in Brooklyn, NY

  1. debajyoti says:

    loved those flowers and that Chinese proverb too 🙂

    i posted a comment on your blogspot blog which is not there. don’t know what i did 😦

  2. uppal says:

    Such fantastic pictures! Had the impression of being in a remote paradise. John Keats’ poetic line” A thing of beauty is a joy for ever.” fits here snugly.

    • gardenerat60 says:

      It looks so lovely to have streets with flowers. Like Hindi movies :-). Immediately, we recall that we dont even have proper streets, with pavements. We lack the civic sense , in cities :-(.

  3. namitasunder says:

    Aha streets lined with such lovely flowers………..a dream ,only a dream for us……but at least we can have the pleasure of enjoying them virtually…..thanks for sharing…

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