Hyderabad Indibloggers’ Meet

17th June ,2012, at CCD Lounge Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. Expecting atleast 15 people at 4 p.m.

Initially, I am nervous. Family is positively encouraging, ” go ahead, you will be the senior citizen!”. Enough to make me a little shy. I decide that  I will sit in a corner, will be an observer , listen to those highly talented technically aware young men and women.

I am the first one, then Bhavana , all the way from Chennai, to enhance our experience , and then we have a most important visitor, much awaited one, bringing joy for not only the Bloggers, but entire city!

Mr. Rain, Ms.Rain, Mother rain, started as a drizzle,then a sheet of rain:

My interest is more with the rain.. I rush to the entrance,

I watch the rain, I rejoice, the cool showers are bringing much needed relief to our senses. The torrent is pounding our city, flooding the roads, cars slid past in Banjara Hills , sending sprays of water , sending hope to our water starved citizens. I am delighted, I want to get out there and drench, happy that my garden is getting those divine drops of nourishment.

The mood is set. Subhorup Dasgupta and Sandeep arrive. One glance and we know who it is. All four of us are soaking in the atmosphere. Subhorup makes it easier by being his simple self. I am excited.

Another two arrive, drenched, once again we know.. it is our indibloggers :-). The rain is playing on people’s intention of venturing out, more have dropped out. We can understand, our roads, drain systems are being tested first time in months, the water logging is a big deterrent to any enthusiastic outings.

But no complaints,  Campus To Life and Sammy mingle easily. It is as if, we have been doing this meet regularly! Meanwhile,Restless Fingers  too joins in, like breath of that cool monsoon. More merrier, easy rappo established.. We all know so much about each other by now!

Gautam joins in, explains his plans. 

I am observing these young achievers, how easily they slip into thinking with precision, planning with backup up strategy,  take a lead in expressing ideas, bouncing them around. It goes on smoothly, we laugh out loudly with a little friendly dig here and there. Notes are taken down, jobs are assigned suitable to each one, the youthful enthusiasm is like the first monsoon  outside, drenching us all .

We barely notice the other occupants of the Lounge, for the three hours we spent there.

Walking in, is  the Juggler, coming from the other end of the city, with the obliging husband and kids.   She looks fresh, eager, and we welcome her, appreciating her interest. 

That makes it 9 of us, bonding easily, each one trying to make others comfortable, and when it is time to leave, everyone offering to adjust somehow to see that all reach home safely in this wet weather. A special care is taken of Bhavana who had to catch the ineterstate bus, and after a little confusion,  I accompany her to the bus stop, in an Auto.By now we are wet. I do not mind it, and forget to ask whether she did. In fact, I don’t think I allowed her to talk. 🙂

After some delay I see her off, and think of the day, how I was a little hesitant, and how they were all so generous to make me comfortable. Each one of them know so much more, but were patient and humble with me.

Hope this atmosphere will continue in the next meet as well.

Thanks you Hyderabad Indibloggers. You taught me so many things. I am glad it happened.

If you want to know what we actually did , read here for a better version, 🙂

Another view of our meet, from oijuggle.

Concise observation from  Crack the sky

About gardenerat60

As you guessed, I am a retired executive, looking for hobbies. Stumbled into gardening after reading blogs. Always wanted to use eco-friendly items in daily life. So, there was no heistation in deciding to put the vast terrace balcony to use for organic garden.
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49 Responses to Hyderabad Indibloggers’ Meet

  1. namitasunder says:

    virtual world extending to reality……..its wonderful to meet the people whom we know even before meeting in person……….amazing how bonds are created.

  2. Vikram Karve says:

    A good beginning. All the Best to Hyderabadi Bloggers

  3. Pattu, this was a wonderful description of the experience. Thanks you so much for being such an inspiration to all of us out there with your senior citizenry and your wicked sense of humor. Your post has been able to capture the mystic bonding so accurately. It was a great time, a rarity in our harried worlds.

  4. debajyoti says:

    this is a super duper post!!! absolutely loved it!! and how beautifully you narrated!! it’s great to know that you had such a fabulous time out there!!

    p.s. don’t we all love rain?

  5. secretlakr says:

    This great post here enhances the blogger’s meet experience we had and I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect setting with all the black monsoon clouds, hot beverages and beautiful people.

  6. bhavanas11 says:

    Hahaha Pattu–so well written!!! Ms Rain and Mother Rain was absolutely delicious and was perfect setting for all of us to bond. Am so grateful that Hyderabad bloggers accepted me into your community. I just loved being with all of you!!! Thank you!

  7. Zephyr says:

    You got to meet Bhavana! *green with envy* . It looks like a double bonanza — rain and a meeting of kindred souls. Is that you in the yellow sari? You are beautiful!

  8. Lovely post Ma’m. So happy to see most of my favorite bloggers in one place. I hope to meet you all sometime, it will be an honor. 🙂 Beautiful pictures. 🙂

  9. Nice post and almost all of you are penning one! Rain, ah that is so welcome especially in the Hyderabad heat. Good to see your pics and hear about your camaraderie.

  10. Abhinav says:

    That would be a very nice event seeing the fellow bloggers in reality 🙂 I think the rain was there to welcome you all 🙂

  11. Jeanne says:

    Way to go, Pattu! Sounds like a great group. You’re lucky to be getting so much rain. Hardly any rain in Bangalore; we gardeners are despairing and it doesn’t bear thinking about what will happen to the economy if the monsoon fails.

    • gardenerat60 says:

      Yes Jeanne, it is always nice to meet people who write our fav. blogs. ( you too..:-)
      I thought you did have some rain earlier, is it that bad? Everyday I am visiting the Insat picture before dong anything.:-)

      I do not want to think about failure of monsoon. Right now it is still cloudy and drizzle is prevalent.
      Looks like there is going to be medium rains at least. Hope for the best.

  12. magiceye says:

    That was a fun post! The excitement came through beautifully!!

  13. That’s a nice meet which I was unable to attend. After reading the post and Bhavana’s post, its clear you people had a great time. And to my surprise Bhavana said in her post, you are aged sixty but your so young and energetic as a blogger. nice to see your pics.

  14. Jas says:

    That’s great. A good platform to meet fellow bloggers.

  15. uppal says:

    Hi Pattu, enjoyed your expressive narration of Indibloggers meet. You had a kind of double bonanza on that day- lasting bonding with likeminded bloggers and manna dew from above sent by God to soak your mind and body in a rapturous gaiety. Envy you 🙂

    • gardenerat60 says:

      Uppalji, How are you!, Hope all Broadband problems are solved with the kind help of almighty BSNL!
      Thanks for your wonderful words. A envy from a friend deserves a hug!:-)

  16. dnambiar11 says:

    Those first showers really do test the drainage system. 🙂 Lovely write up. I love the way you let the rain flow in between the writing about the meet and the bloggers and all.
    I read Subhorup’s and Bhavana’s posts on the blogger meet and it sure looks like you people had a great time. How nice. 🙂

  17. nice to know about meet.i was also want to attend thismeet but ii am senior citizen and have food blog . but after reading ur post i think i missed a lot .do visit my blog when get time.

  18. I know how you feel about the tech savvy young. I too do much with computers and computer graphics, and always want to attend the trade shows and meet ups, but always felt since I am far removed from the twenty somethings, I would be out of place. I should be more like you and have more courage in this regard. I loved your rain photos. I have got my camera wet twice in the rain and had to send it in for repair. I finally got it is $19 raincoat after $400 in repairs. You would think the first $200 would have made me smarter. I have to check out your site, because you have me intrigued with your terrace gardening.

    • gardenerat60 says:

      Hi, I am very happy to note that you had read through some of my pages, and took trouble to comment !
      Thanks a lot.
      You write very well , and your pictures are captured perfectly. I was curious about the flowers of Niagara area, ( I did visit the place, but could not come over to the Canadian side), enjoyed reading about them.
      The visit to Niagara was an unforgettable experience, and that prompted me to click on your page! I am sorry about the Camera getting wet!.But I wont blame the rain, since we are right now praying for more rains in this part of India:-)

  19. I love your enthusiasm, really! Really happy to read about the meet and to know that you were at ease 🙂
    To have known a person through his writing alone is more than enough to start of a conversation as if you were childhood friends.
    wish to read more about such meets. I miss being part of such an activity 🙂

    • gardenerat60 says:

      Thanks .
      You are right there. Knowing a person through writing alone, also makes me reach out , with some bloggers. I need to feel first, in my heart, hey here is a person, i like!:-)

  20. Pingback: Third Bloggers Meet-Hyderabad | N Nivedita — Freelance Journalist

  21. spsysnetblog says:

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