Colours in my garden on a overcast day

It is raining almost all over the country. Yesterday was wettest in Hyderabad, I think. It was pouring throughout, the dampness is all-pervading., it is dark, even in the day time. Toady is little better, but still the sun-god has not appeared. I have been coughing since days, the weather not helping at all.

Today I feel a little better , and  am awake by 5 a.m. It is pitch dark outside. By 6.a.m. it is still dark, clouds hanging over the sky. I am eager to see my plants in the aftermath of leeching by incessant rains. I tip toe to the terrace, with a cup of coffee..

The sky is gray, but the plants .. I gasp. They are bathed in rain drops, but the colors.. my.. worth writing a blog about.. Please  enlarge and view the Pyramid 🙂

My pyramid

The first color to attract. The garden is full of companion plants.

Hope you can notice the blue Shanku pushpa

My favourite Juhi.

First flowers of Rajnigandha

The red still going strong since one year.

The cheerful yellow

The new flower, Cant figure out the name.


And the vegetables..

  The first Seethaphals..

 not a tomato , but a Tomjal ( combo of Brinjal too).

Now they are fruiting every day:-)

Calcutta Paan


The Seethaphals are the major attractions for the birds, and the Kabhootars.

Hey forgot to show off my new nursery plants.. all from Vanastri.. More on the in the next post. Happy gardening.

For latest photographs here

About gardenerat60

As you guessed, I am a retired executive, looking for hobbies. Stumbled into gardening after reading blogs. Always wanted to use eco-friendly items in daily life. So, there was no heistation in deciding to put the vast terrace balcony to use for organic garden.
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29 Responses to Colours in my garden on a overcast day

  1. Vidya Sury says:

    Wow! So nice. Rain, coffee, afternoon and these beautiful plants, Pattu! I wonder which part of Hyd you live in. I grew up there you know.

    Your plants are all great – love the blue sangupushpam and the tomjal 😀 What can I say? Very mouth-watering. Suddenly I am hungry. No pavakka kodi?

    • gardenerat60 says:

      Vidya, I am in Secunderabad, near the Club :-).Come over next time! Where did you stay?

      Pavakkai is plenty, got tired of eating it. All plucked and in the fridge.:-). The plants are a little stressed due to rains.

  2. ranjani135 says:

    very colorful, Pattu. Feast for the eyes and the soul, I should say! Surprised to see Tomjal…how does it taste? you invented this? or is it common?
    Happy to note that you are enjoying every bit of your gardening…..

    • gardenerat60 says:

      Tomjal was sold to me by our dear Govt. horticulture society ,Public gardens, ?Hyderabad,two years back. Refusing to wilt! It tastes like potato :-). Actually no particular taste.


  3. Rachna says:

    Next time, I come to Hyderabad, i am coming to your home to see your garden. I love the hues of flowers and the varied vegetables that you grow. And, yes rain Gods have been smiling here in Bangalore too. I love the absolutely amazing weather that we have here, and plants are all doing happy jigs :).

  4. We are still waiting for WARMTH and sun so the tomatoes and other vegetables Grow up .. but your garden is so beautifulll..

  5. Asha Ram says:

    Gorgeous garden!

  6. Jeanne says:

    Pattu, that pyramid is the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in a long time.The other flowers are stunning too. Well done. And do get well soon.

  7. Reghu says:

    Pattu Garu, great effort and truly good work. Would love to visit yr place…

  8. Wow, beautiful and lovely!! Pyramid indeed looks nice and the vegetables seems so refreshing 🙂 I so badly wish I had such a garden at my house too, may be one day 🙂 …

  9. Zephyr says:

    Loved your pyramid best of all. And the vegetables. Nothing like eating vegetables plucked fresh from the garden. Add me to the list of those coming home for lunch too 🙂

  10. Kevin says:

    What beautiful colors! The yellow flower in your Pyramid is especially vibrant, but I have to say my favorite is what I think is a Morning Glory — a deep purple that looks amazing with the yellow companion. Happy gardening!

  11. metherebel says:

    Wow… What a graden you have in your terrace. Tomjal??? Heard about it the first time. How does it taste?

    • gardenerat60 says:

      Thanks, metherebel! Tomjal is the name I coined, since I was told, it is tomato+brinjal. I dont know what is the actual name. :-). It is fleshy, but not having any special taste.

  12. So nice! It is very enjoyable to read

  13. How delightful to see your flowers, and picture them after a full drenching. Is the Juhi at all like jasmin? Does it smell at all? They’re all lovely.

    • gardenerat60 says:

      Welcome here Daisy De Plume. Thanks.
      Juhi is another variety of Jasmine, which emits heady perfume.When in bloom , the neighbourhood is enveloped.

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