The Hyderabad Horti cultural show 2013

Republic Day on a weekend is a time to relax for people of Hyderabad who do not need any excuse to relax. On this day, every year, the A.P. Government starts a decent Horticultural show , to benefit the sellers and to acquaint the buyers on various gardening products. We usually avoid visiting on the first day, a public Holiday, due to our aversion to massive crowds jostling around the stalls. However, this year we started off, a little early , in the late afternoon, and it was worth it.

horticultural show hyderabad 2013 024

horticultural show hyderabad 2013 031

horticultural show hyderabad 2013 030

That was a decent welcome at the entrance. The stalls were arranged neatly to enable the public criss-cross without confusion.

The Govt. departments had their stalls manned by pleasant people, who took interest to tell the visitors about their products. NIRD, Acharya NG Ranga Agri . University, and other departments had their stalls. I liked the NIRD stall for their pricing of neem cakes powder, which was much lower than the market. I am sure their quality too is better. I am going to purchase a bag , on my next visit. I also noticed that AP was being showcased as fruit bowl of the country,.:-)

horticultural show hyderabad 2013 059

horticultural show hyderabad 2013 086horticultural show hyderabad 2013 084horticultural show hyderabad 2013 080horticultural show hyderabad 2013 079horticultural show hyderabad 2013 077horticultural show hyderabad 2013 075horticultural show hyderabad 2013 072

Don’t miss the mushroom cultivation programme! The Agricultural Journalism Unit of Dept. of Agricultural extension, College of agriculture Hyderabad, have brought out “care your heart with Different Tea’s”, “Tasty Dishes with Millets, ” Delicious recipes with Oats and Barley ” and other booklets, very nominally priced.

Another stall drawing people’s attention was the cocoa display , and oil palm samples. Huge!
horticultural show hyderabad 2013 049horticultural show hyderabad 2013 048horticultural show hyderabad 2013 047horticultural show hyderabad 2013 075

There were few stalls advertising the virtue of Organic foods and healing foods with slogans as “Let food be thy Medicine and Medicine be thy food” ” Man is what he eats”. I was also pleasantly surprised by the effort made by young enterprenuers to encourage Millet and other grains into the diet, with catchy posters, hand written. I appreciated their enthusiasm and hard work.
horticultural show hyderabad 2013 092horticultural show hyderabad 2013 091

It is heartening to note that , at last, there is an effort to take the organic farming message to the people. This stall was doing it well.horticultural show hyderabad 2013 100horticultural show hyderabad 2013 098horticultural show hyderabad 2013 097horticultural show hyderabad 2013 096horticultural show hyderabad 2013 095horticultural show hyderabad 2013 094

Another stall was marketing various bio-fertilisers like Psuedomanas, Aceto-powder,Phospho powder, VAM powder, Rhizo powder,trichoderma virdi,bacillius sps , meta rhizium.. I have no idea how to use them and whether they are considered organic? Some education required here, about the shelf life and usefulness for Terrace gardens.

A stall that caught my fancy – a simple poly house. horticultural show hyderabad 2013 039horticultural show hyderabad 2013 040

First time I saw the vertical gardens being showcased. It was very pretty, and of course very pricey too.
horticultural show hyderabad 2013 035horticultural show hyderabad 2013 139horticultural show hyderabad 2013 138horticultural show hyderabad 2013 132

Aha, found my favorite stall, extolling the virtues of the coconut trees. Most of the Organic Terrace gardeners will agree with me, without Coco-peat, coconut water, we will be devoid of cheap medium and fertilizer. The display of crafts made with coconut was simple and beautiful. I hope these artisans earn enough for their crafts.
horticultural show hyderabad 2013 070horticultural show hyderabad 2013 068horticultural show hyderabad 2013 061horticultural show hyderabad 2013 060

Self watering containers being introduced first time in twin cities. Considering the cost of the product, the target seems to be high end consumers, though. horticultural show hyderabad 2013 054horticultural show hyderabad 2013 053

A new entry, ( I think), this year is the stalls introducing various plastic containers in fancy and useful types. This plastic pot was very good, but imported from Korea, and will cost Rs.600/- for one!!!Do I really need that…Heavy carbon footprint..:-(horticultural show hyderabad 2013 022horticultural show hyderabad 2013 023

The usual stalls with fancy potteries, colorful flowers and Bonsai, and various types of indoor and outdoor plants were abundant. A display that was making the public “aha’ was this “Instant Dream gardens a reality”.. Is it science or the bonsai in big format , no idea, but it did surprise the public.horticultural show hyderabad 2013 164horticultural show hyderabad 2013 170

Finally after looking at all these flower plants, I decided that another visit is necessary to pick up lots of stuff.
horticultural show hyderabad 2013 152horticultural show hyderabad 2013 151

P.S. Apology for the lengthy post. Please click on the photographs to enlarge.

About gardenerat60

As you guessed, I am a retired executive, looking for hobbies. Stumbled into gardening after reading blogs. Always wanted to use eco-friendly items in daily life. So, there was no heistation in deciding to put the vast terrace balcony to use for organic garden.
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113 Responses to The Hyderabad Horti cultural show 2013

  1. Not my interest . But I saw a horticulture show through your blog for the first time . It has aroused interest in me and whenever these type of show is going nearby I will try to attend. Thanks ofr sharing this wonderful event on your blog .

    • gardenerat60 says:

      Thanks Vishal. I understand. Even my interest increased only after I retired from active service!.:-). I am glad you appreciate the event.

      • Sucharitha Rao says:

        Dear Madam, I am a aspiring landscape Artist and a gardener I am glad I saw your blog kindly give me your Appointment so that I can meet you about the projects I am about to launch. your organic terrace garden is real requirement now a days. My details are given
        on your blog.

        thank you for your time,

      • gardenerat60 says:

        Thanks Sucharita, I am flattered. But right now I am not available due to other commitments. Feel free to join our garden group Initpanta, and meet young organic garden enthusiasts like Dwarakanath Jnaneswar Ekkirala, Nisar Ahammad and others.

      • I also would love to do terrace gardening but I’m afraid of leakage problems etc.,….. not getting a direction…perhaps I should take a look at someone doing it practically. How I wish I had someone in the vicinity!

  2. You can make self-wateing pots so easily. I must post to my blog.

    Waht are the huge green funny shape fruits?

  3. nadavu says:

    The blog was well presented with photographs. I need some information about the books published by the Agrijournalism wing og Agriculture department. can you help ?
    Thanks in advance.

    • gardenerat60 says:

      Thanks Nadavu. Where are you residing?
      Go ahead and please post your question.

      • nadavu says:

        Thank you for the reply. i am a proponent of organic farming. You can see a collection of articles at I reside at chennai and for want of space my gardening is limited, A month ago was at hyderabad and i wanted to see your garden but this could not happen due to time limitations. What i wanted to know was about books on millets and whether i can procure the same by post? I am a resident of Chennai and my wife is working in an InternationalSchool. My name is S.Giri Kumar (60 yeras )and my mail ID: I am on FB too.

      • gardenerat60 says:

        Girikumar, namaskaram.

        Good to see you visiting my blog. I will surely read all articles( so many to read, and so much information!) and I visited your FB page.
        I had already shared your document on “leaf mold” in FB in my group :-). Thanks for visiting my blog. Kindly let me know what books you are looking for, I will contact CSA and find out.

        Sir, my garden is nothing much , but , please come over next time.

  4. Arti says:

    Very beautifully captured, in words and pictures. I could get a complete feel of the event. 🙂

    I love the idea of organic farming, events and shows like these can create so much awareness of the benefits of natural produce. Kudos to them and to you for spreading the word on blog as well. I love the slogan – Let food be thy medicine, medicine be thy food. In an age when we are fast turning towards junk food, this quote surely rings an alarm.

    Thanks for the wonderful all round coverage 🙂

  5. Jas says:

    it must have been a very informative show. the pics speak volumes. 🙂

  6. I am amazed at the vertical gardens, they can be very useful for people living in the apartments. I missed it as we were not in town. Organic farming is something we should all support specially for vegetables and fruits. I have grwon mushrooms as experiment in our home long ago. The results were yummy 🙂

    • gardenerat60 says:

      Oh.. Desi Traveler. It is on till Wednesday. Do make time and extra miles to visit.Your photographs will be awesome!

      Self raised mushrooms are very tasty I am sure. I have not ventured there yet. Will do so , after mastering organic gardening.:-)

  7. ranjani135 says:

    Enjoyed reading your post.
    By the way, what is a poly house?
    I liked the vertical garden with colorful flowers. This is ideal where there is not enough place.
    Another beautiful post from your heart!

    • gardenerat60 says:

      Thanks Ranjani. the polyhouse is a tent, where in plants are grown , protected from outside frost, heat and rain. the moisture level is maintained. ( something like glass house of lalbaugh, smaller). Many floricultural growers, terrace gardeners, and big farmers have this. this helps in controlling the pest too. the yield is higher and the product is better.

  8. Amit Agarwal says:

    A great post on a great show! Thank you Di 🙂

  9. Do let us know what you pickup 🙂 I have seen flower shows in Bangalore and Coimbatore but never anything like this. I wonder why Chennai doesn’t have even a flower show? If I was in Hyd, I would have definitely visited this expo. Organic farming and organic products sure need a lot of exposure and encouragement. It’s good that you have written about them in your blog.

    Destination Infinity

    • gardenerat60 says:

      Thanks Destination Infinity. Yea this year, it was a good effort by the organisers. I even gave a quote in Telugu newspaper Enaadu!:-))))

      Organic stuff was available itself , a first time event.I have not bought any plant and wont be , since we garden guys think, ” oh.. I can try it out myself”..:-).

      I will go for some bio stuff and NIRD based nee products.

      I am sure Chennai has something better. You might have heard of this group? kindly check with them.

  10. Beautiful capture…… Thanks for sharing…….

  11. KVVS MURTHY says:

    You must have been so busy now than you were in n’t it….great post indeed..!

  12. Vidya Sury says:

    That must have been such fun! You’re a busy person, Pattu! And we’re blessed to read your wonderful posts! 🙂 Where was the venue for this event?

    • gardenerat60 says:

      Since a few years it is being held in Necklace road, the lovely lake forming a pretty sight in the evening breeze. Hyd, at its best weather now.:-). Thanks for your lovely comment Vidya.

  13. meenakshi says:

    here are many things in your post that made me go woah! that vertical gardens are unheard off and they look so beautiful! That instant garden is also amazing but they really drill holes in you pocket.

    People really making terrific efforts. Their innovations has pushed garden in everybody’s reach.

    Hats off to them and a big thanks to you!!

  14. meenakshi says:

    There are many things in your post that made me go woah! that vertical gardens are unheard off and they look so beautiful! That instant garden is also amazing but they really drill holes in you pocket.

    People really making terrific efforts. Their innovations has pushed garden in everybody’s reach.

    Hats off to them and a big thanks to you!!

  15. Fayaz Pasha says:

    Very nice! A similar show is held in the famous Lalbagh in Bangalore.

  16. magiceye says:

    Loved it! Thank you for the wonderful informative guided tour of the exhibition!

  17. loved ur post mam,can u plz tell me the timings of the show,whn is the last date?

  18. wonderful and this reminds me that i have to visit garden tourism festival in my city for sure to pick up stuff for myself!!!!

  19. what a sumptuous feast for the eyes:)

  20. svsaibaba says:

    Very nice article with beautiful pictures. I missed this show since I returned from my daughter’s house in Hyderabad to Chennai on 15.1.2013. Very glad to hear about your interest in Gardening.

  21. I really enjoyed taking the tour with you! I loved seeing the wide variety of fruits and vegetables, many of the unfamiliar to me. I am so fascinated with the way vertical gardening is growing more and more popular. I love the look and still think I’d like to try my hand at it some time. Don’t you just come away from this kind of exhibit feeing inspired to get your hands dirty? I do! 🙂

  22. subhorup says:

    This one and the November one at Public Gardens are events one waits for eagerly. Have been missing some of them over the last couple of years. Thanks to this post, it was as if I was right there. Many of the ideas are easily reproducible at low cost. It would be nice to see posts that detail concepts like vertical gardening (you already linked to one earlier), self watering pots, and sandbag gardening using readily available home solutions. Great to see this information reaching out to and being found by Hyderabadis! The value of what you are doing, Pattu, is immeasurable.

    • gardenerat60 says:

      Thanks Subhorup. It is good to receive feedback from you. Yes, vertical gardening is one thing I want to try out soon, since we are heading for water shortage this summer.:-) . I missed the Public garden one, Did they have it this year? .

  23. Rachna says:

    How lovely! We had one in Lalbagh — flower show. I missed it again, was sick :(. Good to see your pics and description.

  24. shovonc says:

    You were obviously totally thrilled.

  25. odyzz says:

    vertical garden is new to me too..though I am into a bit of gardenning…flowers,vegetables and fruits ..but nature is a treat to watch anywhere anytime…lovely…I didn’t felt that the psot was lengthy..

    • gardenerat60 says:

      Odyzz, welcome here . Very true , it is lovely to see horticulture. It gives us hope that we can easily do that!

      You are also right about the length of the post. I wanted to include an apology, but it was so late in the night, I was impatient to post it 🙂

      • odyzz says:

        Apologies ?? I think I wasn’t able to express myself clearly..The post was so fascinating that Iength took a backseat…and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.. :).thanks for sharing..

      • gardenerat60 says:

        Odyzz. I meant apologies to all the readers, to make them scroll down!.:-)

  26. Zephyr says:

    Would love to know more about vertical gardens. Is there a link? The pics are lovely and I am always fascinated by the mushroom cultivation in such shows. It looks so easy, doesn’t it?

    • gardenerat60 says:

      Zephyr, Mushrooms look good, and it seems people grow them at home!

      I saw the cost of those vertical garden stuff , and did not ask for further details. I am sure we can find out more.

  27. kayemofnmy says:

    Enjoyed that and copied down the names of all those bio fertilisers to research. Am curious. Thanks, Pattu

  28. manjulikapramod says:

    Wow.. lovely pics and definitely lavish information… mushroom cultivation looks good…
    AP as food bowl…Nice.

  29. indrani says:

    I love attending such shows. Great shots with your iPod!
    Have a great weekend!

  30. Nice photos…this reminded me of the “flower show” in Taipei, Taiwan.

  31. Jeevan says:

    Inviting! More than showcasing, it seems to hold many information regard to health and growth. I don’t think the plastic pots would stay strong and long.

    i wish having a bonsai.

    • gardenerat60 says:

      Thanks Jeevan. I am sure you have seen better flower shows in Ooty and Kodai.

      Plastic pots are not that great or stronger. But I use them since they are lighter to handle , and stay on the roof. I would love to sue mud pots any day.

  32. pendantry says:

    Love the idea of ‘vertical gardening’! I think that will, um, take off (groan?).

    And ‘big bonsai’, too: I’ve long felt guilty about trying to convince my little horse chestnut to stay small (I suppose it would help if I did something useful, like, maybe, read up some more on how to create bonsai) — but you’ve given me an idea: maybe I can just stick it in a bigger pot this year and let it go for a bit 🙂

  33. Looks like a fabulous show. Very different produce from ours in the UK!

    • gardenerat60 says:

      Thanks Kate. I am sure it is different. We have lovely vegetables and fruits of local produce, we are still in the initial stages.
      What I like about UK shows are the pretty flowers, and the efforts and the funds that are pumped into make the shows aesthetically worthy. It is been mastered to perfection . In my bucket list to make one visit to enjoy them.:-)

  34. Hi Pattu Raj jee (gardenerat60),

    You have been nominated for Liebster award . Please check my post for details .


  35. Dilip says:

    A great show – beautiful pictures! We too had flower show in Pune last month.

  36. TheCouple says:

    Interesting post! And an interesting blog too. 🙂

  37. Jeevan says:

    Yes, I only captured the kingfisher right in front of my home and the collage posted in my blog was taken at different times by me.

    Thanks for the comments 🙂

    • gardenerat60 says:

      To have these birds come near your compound trees is surely a sweet blessing!

      In our compound we get Bulbuls, seven sisters , pigeons, parrots and bats!Near the house, in front, we get to see and hear cranes.
      the afternoons are full of screaming seven sisters, the mornings are with bulbuls and parrots. Bliss.

  38. hitchy says:

    I have always aspired for a garden.. I have started building my garden and my balcony garden after shifting back from a city and apartment life ! I must follow you I guess ! 😀

  39. This is a lovely post, Pattu Raj! I love plants and have got a small garden. I have got many flowering plants, but fruits…just one, Guava!

    Must learn to grow up plants in an apartment. Thank you!

  40. inducares says:

    I learned many new things from your post Pattu-your zeal for gardening is admirable.

  41. Shaivi says:

    Ur post is a treat to the eyes! Reminds me of a horticulture show & a Bonsai exhibition I had gone to few years ago. The blogging bug hadn’t bit me then so I regret having no pictures/posts about them. But ur post has inspired me to visit the next show that happens in Delhi!

  42. Beautiful! You gave me the impression to be right there… A nice and lovely pot-pourri of colours and flavors! I wish you a lovely week end!! Claudine Giovannoni

  43. My Say says:

    Hello Ma’m,

    I have been a frequent visitor of your website seeking inspiration about gardening (mostly on the roof) and love the snaps of beautiful plants you post .

    I wish to inform you that I have nominated you for “CREATIVE BLOGGER” AWARD as I find you’re blog is really creative and inspiring …. for more details please visit

    Congrats again! 🙂

    • gardenerat60 says:

      Thank you very much My Say!. Loved that special honour. God bless you!:-)

      • My Say says:

        You deserve it and lot more Ma’m .. 🙂 Your work inspires me and trust me i had no interests in plants till i stumbled upon on your site and started just reading your posts and about gardening and plants !! I have a rose,a tulsi and an aloe vera plant taken care by me solely. All thanks to you ! Your just so inspiring !

      • gardenerat60 says:

        Thanks My say!. I will take your award as soon as I am free to answer your thoughtful questions.

  44. I have never been to a show of this kind. thanks for sharing the pics. was a nice tour!!


  45. Madhu says:

    Ma’am, your blog is brilliant effort! I saw the pictures of your terrace garden its beautiful! I am quiet inspired to start up an organic terrace farm. Would you kindly help me out? I’d be grateful!
    Where would i get good quality soil and seeds at reasonable prices?
    All the very best to you!

  46. D.Aarati says:

    Hello Pattu garu,

    I am very much impressed with the photos. I visit the expo everytime it is held. this time it was much better than the earlier ones. I have quiet a big balcony garden wherein I have all varieties of plants, almost 200 plants. recently I have started growing veggies. are we going to have this expo again around 15th August? let me know if you have the info.

    Congrats again

    • gardenerat60 says:

      Thanks Aarati. Sure , I will let you know about the expo if it is announced. So far no news about it yet. You can also find out from our Horticultural department directly.

      AP Horticulture dept: Public Gardens
      – ph:8374449458

  47. C.Raja Reddy. says:

    Thanks for providing meny people”s opinions on horticulture and department phone No.we can
    contact when we have perticular doubts.

    C.Raja Reddy.Ramanthapur.

  48. Dilip says:

    Wow I loved all the pictures of different exhibits and and thank you for taking us for the show too 🙂
    I early looking forward to go for the Annual Pune Flower Show tomorrow. Regards.

  49. Bikash Pradhan says:

    Is the show only for a day or for how many days. Are people from other states also allowed to take part in the show. What are the rated of the stall.. and the size of the stall too.

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