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Gardening and social networks

I have not been blogging since twenty days.I feel a pang of regret,, but what to do? Life has been hectic. I am active on social network, yes Facebook. The notorious one, which takes all the time. One wants to read posts, comment on them, like the posts, comment again and so … Continue reading

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Gourds, Cauliflower and year end.

This is my lone cauliflower survived till end of December and I plucked it on the last day of this year. It has grown pretty well, without usual pests and worms, (touch wood). I realized that in Hyderabad, anything grows … Continue reading

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Pardon me for Boasting

Surprised? For me it was a moment of pride. One fine morning I went to the terrace, plucked courage, ignored the feeling of loss, and pulled out the flower. Oh,, It was a sweet and sour moment , to hold … Continue reading

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Cabbages and (kings) Cauliflowers

The Cauliflowers are giving me a good bending exercise. The worms are busy , reducing the leaves into a sieve.. The lush leaves become like some lace pattern within days. So, for the past few days, my routine is to … Continue reading

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