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Progress after monsoon 2013

I am still guilty of not writing posts. When I compare my posts of last year this time, I find that my enthusiasm in gardening and writing about it,  have diminished. The factors affecting the blogging is still very much … Continue reading

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Urban Farming encouraged by A.P. Government

It look like a long time since I posted in this blog. The habit of writing posts becomes more and more distant, when one is busy with other events, like weddings, guests, happy exhaustion, in that order.A lot has been … Continue reading

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When I am away….

Took a few days off from the daily grind and visited my granddaughter for Deepavali. I had a nice time, went around the town with her, enjoyed her baby talk, and questions, admired whatever she did, be it watching CBeebies … Continue reading

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Gardening and social networks

I have not been blogging since twenty days.I feel a pang of regret,, but what to do? Life has been hectic. I am active on social network, yes Facebook. The notorious one, which takes all the time. One wants to read posts, comment on them, like the posts, comment again and so … Continue reading

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Experiment with making Panchagavya

So much is known about Panchagavya, whatever I write will be old news. new.The experience of making Panchagavya, on the Terrace , is something else.!!! I I took encouragement when I read GeekGardener, Raj Panda, Sai Kiran were advocating the … Continue reading

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My new plants

I had written in an earlier post about Rajsmusings blog. That blog was a big inspiration, initially to start a Terrace garden. The blog is full of useful tips to beginners. There on, we start making our own mistakes ,and … Continue reading

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Lethargy and lull

The slow paced life style in Hyderabad during the last two months due to various bandhs/strikes and political struggle has made my gardening interest take a back seat. I was house bound due to various reasons, top of all being … Continue reading

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A walk in my Terrace

Cheerful , that is what you feel, when you get up with morning daybreak, slight pale sky . First thing you want to do is to see the plants, after the rains. Rush upstairs , open all the doors( silently, … Continue reading

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