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Item off the bucket list

I am travelling around Hyderabad .in the cool monsoon breeze , no trace of sun, and dark clouds rolling in the horizon. Me, who has no time or inclination to stir out of our remote corner , is zipping around … Continue reading

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Colours in my garden on a overcast day

It is raining almost all over the country. Yesterday was wettest in Hyderabad, I think. It was pouring throughout, the dampness is all-pervading., it is dark, even in the day time. Toady is little better, but still the sun-god has not appeared. I have been coughing … Continue reading

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Garden after rain

Once again sudden showers since a few days. Hyderabad weather is becoming unpredictable. This year almost all the months we had a few days without sunlight. I felt that was not the normal Hyderabad weather. I used to crib about … Continue reading

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