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Intipanta meet at Lamakaan

  Stirring out of home from this corner of Hyderabad is a task that requires planning and hurrying up. Many a time I miss meetings due to various adjustment troubles , but today I made it hey…For the Intipanta meeting, … Continue reading

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Gardening and social networks

I have not been blogging since twenty days.I feel a pang of regret,, but what to do? Life has been hectic. I am active on social network, yes Facebook. The notorious one, which takes all the time. One wants to read posts, comment on them, like the posts, comment again and so … Continue reading

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Chysanthemums crazy

Going organic is having control over what we grow how we grow. It helps the environment too. This is not something new, Until 40 -50 years back we were growing only organic way. The easy access to chemicals have changed … Continue reading

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How I thought of Vegetable Gardening

How I thought of Vegetable Gardening. Many people in my social circle expect me to be fond of temple visits, relatives gatherings, rickety morning walks, grouping with other ladies and go on pilgrimage, bitch about DILs, gossip about other friends … Continue reading

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