Slow Progress

Hyderabad , in the new state of Telangana, is reeling under water shortage, and hot humid weather since weeks. Failure of the monsoon is more pronounced in our state,  more so in Hyderabad. There are warnings about depleting water table, reduced water in the reservoirs, and dispute with neighbouring states about water sharing. Water and power crisis might deepen in the coming months, the very thought is sending shivers down my spine. How to sustain my terrace garden is a constant worry now.

This morning , there was some ray of hope.26th aug 14 034

Well, the above was written yesterday.. and interrupted due to daily rush and some drama. Today is nearing to an end, the ran is on for the night , slowly soaking up. I would like to share my progress, though a bit slow, through some pictures clicked during the week.

The ash gourd is growing well , and the new one on the way,may not be ash gourd. Waiting and watching is fun. The long beans are fruiting plenty and I have harvested some seeds too. There are plenty of tomatoes saplings, chillies, beans varieties( not sure how many) and few new brinjal varieties sprouting up. I am busy staking and tying and trying to find more pots and more bags for bigger plants. My herbal plants too are doing great.

This year I am trying HDPE bags. I am also minimising expenditure by using bigger bags( rice and wheat bags ), with plenty of soil , and multiple plants in them. So far gourds and beans are coming up well with amaranth. I missed the corn , forgot to scatter them 😦


Some of the plants growing in the bags

27 aug 14 005 27 aug 14 006 26th aug 14 021 26th aug 14 012 26th aug 14 002

One of my Facebook Group friends had introduced us to Hugelkultur method of growing stuff. One member of our group , posted how she is using the method in Colorado. She even suggested that we can use the method for filling up sacks and stuff grows in them!. Amazing. I am sad that I had thrown all those sticks , all these month to the dump. I need to collect them all and start bagging them and use with compost to make as many plant holders as possible. Isn’t it exciting?

I found a video  referred by friends inspiring . Many garden lovers and beginners might enjoy viewing.

About gardenerat60

As you guessed, I am a retired executive, looking for hobbies. Stumbled into gardening after reading blogs. Always wanted to use eco-friendly items in daily life. So, there was no heistation in deciding to put the vast terrace balcony to use for organic garden.
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22 Responses to Slow Progress

  1. I wish you well over there. I was just reading about how much water it takes to produce a bag of rice and that it’s totally unsustainable. I hope India discovers ways to work with the declining fresh water, as we will have to do all over the world.

    • gardenerat60 says:

      Hi , Totally agree.Indians used to eat a variety of millets about 60 years back. The economic boom and aping of other countries by using pesticides and chemicals, the rice and wheat produced had to be consumed. Now the western countries are waking up to those unsuitable practices, it is time India too stops wastage of water and goes back to our traditional produces.

      A beginning has been made in this respect. Hope it will become a movement soon.

  2. reddy says:


    • gardenerat60 says:

      Start immediately. Buy one pot, get some mud and Vermi compost and plant a sapling or a seed. Then come back to my posts, read my earliest ones, I have given names and links, read all.If you want a modern, planned terrace garden, sparing no expenses, I can forward contact numbers in Hyderabad who can do it for you. Please let me know.

      • Asha says:

        Madam, when is ur next meeting ? I stay ar Alwal and would like to know more .Pls help

  3. I like the idea of using HDPE bags, as this helps in recycling, though I am not sure if they are safe, how about trying some Jute bags if they are still available some where…. Always a pleasure to read updates of your garden.. 🙂

    • gardenerat60 says:

      Thanks Prasad.
      I was told that they are UV protected etc etc, I do use gunny sacks too, but they are messy and disintegrate when I least expect 🙂

  4. Jeevan says:

    Chennai is under clouds for a week now except few heavy thunders showering, it remains calm. When it comes to water and power there isn’t different between the states, glad we receive Krishna water from Kandaleru Dam to somehow manage water crisis, but my area receives limited water that’s not enough to fill our sump.

    Hope more rains come on our ways 🙂 wow! You grow so many on your terrace… amazing growth with gourd and pavakkai. liked the bright yellow flowers

    • gardenerat60 says:

      Thanks Jeevan. I was a little envious last week when I saw clouds over Chennai 🙂 .:Yes our water and power problems are forever.

      But Chennai receives rainfall till Sept -October. Here if it does not rain by August, it is disaster.Today it is raining good and proper. Hope it will for few more days.

      The yellow flower is Pumpkin.

  5. Bikramjit says:

    if only we had the sun too.. water is not a problem here , it rains everyday almost .. that is why all my plants are NOT doing that well ..

    some lovely pics and lovely veggies ..

    • gardenerat60 says:

      Good to hear from you Bikramjitji. Thanks.

      Aha.. wish some rains are sent to our side too:-)

      Though right now we finally have Hyderabadi continuous slow and steady rain , today.

  6. Jayanthi says:

    Hi, There seems to be a whole lot of pots on your terrace. How big is it and can you please say how you manage the seeping of water in the ceiling? My terrace is about 25′ x 25′ and convincing the family members of the safety to the ceiling (or the floor) is always difficult.

    • gardenerat60 says:

      Hi Jayanthi, the seeping problem was initially there. We had to go through agonising grouting and injecting solutions on to the concrete and give right water sloping . It has been four years, no problem till now. There are so many ideas offered by terrace gardeners. Vincent Paulraj from Coimbatore too offers advice. His blog is “’

  7. umashankar says:

    It is as if the division of the state flushed away the underground water from the two halves. You remind me of the dilemma of the creator. Yet, you seem to be revelling in your plenty…

  8. namitasunder says:

    Rain scarcity this year has hit almost all the states. We too facing the same. plenty of greenery on your terrace.Your hard work is paying. I have another friend maintaining a wonderful terrace garden and sharing pics of her produce but then she is lucky to be in Bangalore……..this is the link to one of her posts.

    • gardenerat60 says:

      A lovely garden. Thanks for the link. So much efforts have gone into that colors. Bangalore is conducive to many plants. Wish I lived there , but for arthritis.

      You know, now so many brilliant home gardeners out there doing a great job with passion, I sometimes want to quit ( when I see my feeble attempts). But when the plants respond, I am encouraged to egg myself on. That one flower, two vegetables gives me peace which I cant find in meditation.

      • namitasunder says:

        I totally agree with you and can fully understand. I have got very small terrace ,few pots only and more over extremely hot weather most part of year but still a dash of color now and then and above all the birds flying in and our those green leaves provide such priceless joy. I thank God for that.

  9. vasudha k s says:

    Good to see that you are growing so many veggies. Rain is very much required in my part of the world too.. Funny thing is that when it pours down in the interiors of the city there won’t be a drop of rain in the outskirts where I stay..

  10. I am staying in a Row House where the bottom part of the house is full empty roughly 105 sq mtrs.Secondly i am having a flat which is empty.
    Now my question is whether i can go for gardening and how.Where and how will somebody help me?Kindly suggest.I am interestly in growing vegetables.
    Rajesh Mahajan

    • gardenerat60 says:

      Welcome here Rajesh ji. I am no expert in the topic you have raised. Please become a member of Organic terrace gardening, and Intipanta Organic/terrace garden in Facebook. you may get a lot of expert opinion.

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