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To cut or not to…

I have a tall coconut tree near my front gate. it has been blessings us with lots of sweet coconut s all these years, except some years in between. The fruit is so sweet, and very tasty. It was a … Continue reading

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Some stunning photographs and home made noodles

The title is not very creative, but click on the links, you might be surprised. Enjoy. Stunning Embroidery of China’s Miao People – a Photoblogger’s Perspective Pulled Noodles, Lady Style

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Return to blog after too long

Oh,,,Its been almost four years……during which life was engulfed with grief,coming to terms, daily grind in a new format, watching grand kids born and delightfully filling days and life. Reason enough to be away I suppose. I had forgotten gardening, … Continue reading

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starting all over

How time flies… It’s more than two years since I posted a page .  Lifestyle has changed , priorities have changed..Wordpress formatting has improved.. Cute grandson is more than two years old.. But the garden bug is still wriggling. I … Continue reading

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Intipanta meet at Lamakaan

  Stirring out of home from this corner of Hyderabad is a task that requires planning and hurrying up. Many a time I miss meetings due to various adjustment troubles , but today I made it hey…For the Intipanta meeting, … Continue reading

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Slow Progress

Hyderabad , in the new state of Telangana, is reeling under water shortage, and hot humid weather since weeks. Failure of the monsoon is more pronounced in our state,  more so in Hyderabad. There are warnings about depleting water table, … Continue reading

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The Sherdukpen Tribe of Arunachal Pradesh | Celebrating Indigenous Peoples

Originally posted on The Northeast India Travel Blog:
Upcoming this week is the International Day for the World’s Indigenous Peoples. Observed by the United Nations on August 9th each year, it is dedicated to promoting and protecting the rights of the…

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My fireflies

Originally posted on bits and pieces:
I firmly believe in innate goodness of mankind and I feel most of us do.So we all harbor that wish to be of use to others and this wish is always tucked inside us…

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The Milky Way

Originally posted on Cornwall Photographic:
A couple of weeks ago I was talking to my friend and fellow blogger Poppy, when I happened to mention what a fabulous moon there was outside.  Poppy’s BB piped up in the background with…

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Another new beginning – July 2014

Aha.. the testing summer of 2014 is behind us. Hyderabad is limping back  to normal or near normal, what with changed status and failed monsoon.The water shortage has eased a little, reducing the burden on expenditure, we were buying water … Continue reading

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