Harvest – radish?

In early August, I had started a tray of knol kol, turnips and radish . When the seedlings emerged , it was raining continuously in Hyderabad ( unusual) , and the plants needed to be transplanted. I made a mess of it ,and somehow planted what I could. Most of them perished due to excessive rain, and rest were coming up. I was happy at least a dozen plants flourished, and the big leaves appeared. I let it rest for a few weeks and fed it constantly with a little NPK, and sprayed PG , and some neem solutions once in a while . I had noticed some damage due to moth activity but let it go.

I had cut those lush leaves and made a special type of fry for dear hubby..I served it as a radish leaves Bhaji, but something was different. The unique smell of radish was missing, and I thought may be due to organic style of raising ( how dumb one can get?) it is not having much of the smell .
The response from Hubby too was not right. He was kind of non-committal ,and only said” huh huh’

I have been watching these plants for a few days. Today, when I pulled out a few plants from their roots, there came some rounded small bulbs. Disappointed, yes, but it tasted sweet and good.

it was a good crop of Turnips . I have to add the photographs, I have got to get a camera and learn…. .. I was lucky when my daughter’s camera started working.. Hey.. here are the pictures(of the budding gardener )

About gardenerat60

As you guessed, I am a retired executive, looking for hobbies. Stumbled into gardening after reading blogs. Always wanted to use eco-friendly items in daily life. So, there was no heistation in deciding to put the vast terrace balcony to use for organic garden.
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2 Responses to Harvest – radish?

  1. Jeanne says:

    Those turnip leaves do look delicious!

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