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My unkempt Garden

I am seriously thinking of changing my blog name to “My unkempt garden”. I am tired of the excuses I have been giving myself and others, I know I need to do more, but still am clueless. Meanwhile my garden … Continue reading

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Colours in my garden on a overcast day

It is raining almost all over the country. Yesterday was wettest in Hyderabad, I think. It was pouring throughout, the dampness is all-pervading., it is dark, even in the day time. Toady is little better, but still the sun-god has not appeared. I have been coughing … Continue reading

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Garden update March 2012

In the terrace garden, things bloom and colors open up, , one reaches for the camera and get co-bloggers to admire them. Once in a while, one has to share some failures too , to make up for all the … Continue reading

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Summer is here!

Looks like Summer is here with a bang. We hardly had any winter from end of Jan on wards. The mercury has been rising in the day time, creating a good chance for virus to spread infections like cold cough … Continue reading

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will they , won’t they? Cabbages.

I have gone slightly off the track for the last few posts. I have been surfing the net and found such interesting stuff, I had to share it with all you readers. Meanwhile, the garden is preparing itself for the … Continue reading

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Cabbage and Pesticide

There were some reports on and off about the cabbage and cauliflower being sold in our markets. These vegetables are liked by almost everyone. Cabbage is a must for many Indian Chinese preparations. Cauliflowers, became more famous due to the … Continue reading

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Cabbages and (kings) Cauliflowers

The Cauliflowers are giving me a good bending exercise. The worms are busy , reducing the leaves into a sieve.. The lush leaves become like some lace pattern within days. So, for the past few days, my routine is to … Continue reading

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